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In 2009-2010, Mauricie’s Wood Marketing Board (SPBM) undertook an extensive study of the potential of non-timber forest products (NTFP), carried out following the financial partnership of 14 organizations in the region. In 2012, the SPBM presented to Mauricie’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Development Plan (PDAAM) its first request for financial support to coordinate the different sectors of activity that could be involved in the development of wild mushrooms.

For its innovative and alternative venture, the SPBM is granted only part of the financial assistance requested, but, with the addition of private funding, it is enough to plan a series of training courses in connection with wild mushrooms as well as a trade mission to the Castilla y León region of Spain. This economic mission of 10 days includes six experts from the fields of gastronomy, tourism, processing, education, economics and forestry, and profoundly changes the understanding of the SPBM project in the eyes of decision makers, setting the table for furthering the region’s aspirations to become Quebec’s mycological leader.

In 2014, after conceptual development and the creation of a robust action plan, the SPBM receives financial support from PDAAM for the creation of a full-time Partnership coordination position. Since the spring of 2014, the Partnership has worked to have its action plan endorsed by representatives of sectors associated with the development of wild mushrooms, to support projects implemented by active agents, and to promote the Partnership within the region and beyond.