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21 March 2017
The market research starts!

The market research starts! The Mauricie’s wild mushroom partnership, in collaboration with the St-Paulin’s Industrial Committee and Ghislain Charrette...

26 February 2017
First Nations link genomics to their ancestral knowledge

First Nations link genomics to their ancestral knowledge First Nations link genomics to their ancestral knowledge.   Here's the link to the official...

17 February 2017
Mauricie's mycologist guides expose their originality!

Les guides mycologues exposent leur originalité! Gathered at the Auberge des Gouverneurs in Shawinigan, Mauricie's mycologist guides presented their services to...

24 January 2017
Two organizations in the Mushroom industry stand out at the Récolte des chefs 2017

Two organizations in the Mushroom industry stand out at the Récolte des chefs 2017 Myco Gourmet and Forêt y goûter, one in the production of mushrooms and the...

17 January 2017
Nordic gastronomy with mushrooms, another cohort of chefs at work!

Nordic gastronomy with mushrooms, another cohort of chefs at work! Eight participants completed a gastronomy training with mushrooms and forest spices on Monday....

26 October 2016
Sacacomie’s chefs getting familiar with forest mushroom gastronomy

More than a dozen members of Hotel Sacacomie’s kitchen staff were trained in wild mushroom gastronomy last Monday by gourmet mycologist chef Fred Chappuis! Executive...

19 October 2016
16 participants complete the professional mushroom picking training

Sixteen participants completed on Monday the professional mushroom picking training. This appropriate training is preparing these participants to become mushroom...

20 September 2016
A first in Canadian research on forest mushrooms

Researchers at the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières (UQTR), are working to develop a tool that will use molecular markers,to detect the presence of fifty...

30 August 2016
A group of future professional mushroom pickers!

Participants of the professional pickers training started their class with expert mycologist Yvan Perreault last Monday at Champlain’s Manoir Antic!  This intensive 32...

15 August 2016
Launching the Entrepreneurial Challenge Metayer mycologue in the presence of the Minister of Tourism

The Mauricie’s wild mushroom partnership with Le Baluchon launch the entrepreneurial challenge: Metayer mycologue - entrepreneur créateur d’experiences. The...

4 July 2016
MIAM’s second qualified mushroom picking company and official opening of the boutique

Forêt y goûter and its owner Francis Fournier becomes the second organization picking wild mushrooms to be qualified (Mauricie’s best). The opening of the new store...

21 June 2016
Forêt y goûter sets up 100 % of its operations in Mauricie and doubles its team

Forêt y goûter, a growing and dynamic company in the harvesting and marketing of non-timber forest products is proud to announce that it’s establishing its head...

7 June 2016
Launch of the 2016 regional training program of Mauricie's wild mushrooms partnership

In collaboration with Emploi-Québec, Mauricie’s wild mushroom partnership is launching its training program for 2016 which will enable companies in the region to...

1 June 2016
First business in wild mushroom picking qualified MIAM (Mauricie’s best)

Conscience Nature and its owner Marianne Dallaire is the first company picking wild mushrooms to be MIAM qualified (Mauricie’s best). Operating since 2014 in the...

19 April 2016
Chosen in the 100 local initiatives for sustainable and responsible food supply

Mauricie’s wild mushroom partnership, better known as Mauricie’s forest Mushrooms has been selected as one of 100 local initiatives for responsible and sustainable...

17 April 2016
Lobster mushroom at Mauricie's Salon de l'alimentation

During the Mauricie’s Salon de l’alimentation, renown chef Fred Chapuis did a cooking workshop for visitors. On the menu, the lobster mushroom bruschetta (in french)!...

19 January 2016
Récolte des chefs - 2nd edition

Three organizations active in wild mushrooms picking made a good impression on the chefs that were participating in the second edition of  “La récolte des chefs”. ...

17 November 2015
Launch of the fieldguide "Culture des champignons sous couvert forestier"

Here is, for the first time in Quebec, a guide that identifies techniques for farming mushrooms under forest canopy on stumps, logs, mounds or...

31 August 2015
Wild mushrooms dishes at Délices de Fred

The weekend has just ended and we are still remembering the succulent taste of wild mushrooms dishes made by chef Fred Chappuis from Fredélys at the marché Godefroy....

17 August 2015
Training of Zelé's restaurant employees

Training was given to restaurant employees on wild mushrooms.  This restaurant is known to serve these Mauricie's forest delights !  Five species of chanterelles,...

8 July 2015
Launch of the fieldguide "Habitats - Mauricie’s edible mushrooms". An intelligent book ?

Media coverage in newspapers and news on the web Radio-Canada (french) L'Hebdo du St-Maurice (french) Twitter - Tourisme Mauricie...

8 July 2015
The website of "Champignons forestiers de la Mauricie” is now online

This website is one of the most complete edible forest mushrooms website in North America. It was designed in english and in french to enable anyone to find relevant...

26 June 2015
The new gourmet Mauricie campaign is unveiled

It is with enthusiasm that Tourisme Mauricie reveals its promotion for agri-tourism and gourmet tourism. Visitors will discover the attractions and restaurants that...

17 June 2015
Miam, Mauricie’s best

The Mauricie region has a new food identity, " MIAM, le meilleur de la Mauricie" to promote the consumption of products that are produce, grown , process or prepared...

16 June 2015
The chanterelle and the Large-stemmed armillaria can now be identify in the forest floor using DNA

Detecting the presence of certain commercial species of edible mushrooms, from forest soil sample, is now possible by using their DNA. This work is being conducted by...

16 June 2015
A transformation plant for wild mushrooms in Mauricie?

The provincial scale packaging and processing plant for forest mushrooms creates a great deal of interests. Click here to read the article (french).

1 June 2015
The Cooperative du Huitème feu is crowdfunding its packaging and processing workshop

This tool will allow the organization to support all activities necessary for the commercialization of mushrooms and picking. Click here for more informations...

22 October 2014
Second trade mission to Spain

A second trade mission took place in late October 2014. During this mission, the Mauricie participated in discussions on the development of the Mycosilva Forest...

6 October 2014
Mauricie’s chefs trained in mycological cuisine

Personal chef Fred Chappuis conducted two training sessions on mycological cuisine in October to introduce participating chefs to the use of wild mushrooms in dishes...

23 September 2014
A report on Forêt y goûter

Click here to watch (Radio-Canada - French).

19 September 2014
A visit to the Coopérative du huitième feu at Clova – Upper St. Maurice

Researcher Hugo Germain, Research Chair in Plant Immunity at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), accompanied by Master’s student Geneviève Laperrière and...

5 September 2014
A Partnership that will not leave you indifferent

Click here to read the article (French).

25 August 2014
Official launch of the Mauricie’s Wild Mushroom Partnership and its coordination

Television coverage The launch of the Wild Mushroom Partnership at a national level Media coverage in newspapers and news on the...

13 July 2014
The ACPFNL launches its “Guide to Wild Mushrooms”

The ACPFNL launches its “Guide to Wild Mushrooms

2 October 2012
Trade mission to Spain

The trade mission to Spain in 2012 was the turning point in the development and implementation of the coordination of the Mauricie’s Wild Mushroom Partnership.