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Picker's code of ethics

When entering into an agreement with a processing or packaging plant, the picker commits to complying with the standards of good practice as described in the Requirements Specification for Wild Mushrooms of Quebec with Commercial Potential for each delivery made to the plant and certifies that they:

  1. Possess expertise regarding the identification of mushrooms with commercial potential and can guarantee accurate identification without risk of confusion with other species;
  2. Have the skills to recognize and identify poisonous species or species that may be harmful to human health and certifies that these species will not be found among the mushrooms delivered to the processing or packaging plant;
  3. Knows the harvest territory and location of sites that may contain contaminants (Appendix 4 – Places prohibited for the harvest of wild mushrooms) and agrees not to deliver mushrooms from such sites to the processing or packaging plant;
  4. Regularly revisits sites to ensure that only quality mushrooms at the right stage of growth and free of contaminants are picked and delivered.
  5. Observes health and safety regulations from the harvest through delivery to the processing or packaging plant and has sufficient knowledge of the risks of transmission of communicable diseases, including gastroenteritis or the flu, and agrees not to pick or manipulate mushrooms when affected by such health problems; in the case of gastroenteritis, a delay of 48 hours following the disappearance of all symptoms is required or as directed by a physician;
  6. Knows the importance of preserving product quality from the harvest through delivery to the processing or packaging plant by handling with care, using clean containers, using clean tools, and protecting the product from heat damage;
  7. Knows the importance of handling and transporting mushrooms so they are not in contact with road dirt, pets, machinery cleaning products, etc. that may impair their quality;
  8. Is very familiar with the harvest territory and picking rules for public or private lands or lands under concession, and is committed to obtaining the necessary permits or licenses allowing them to carry out the harvest legally and in harmony with other users of the territory;
  9. Knows the principles of sustainable development and resource preservation and agrees to respect these principles in the harvest of wild mushrooms;
  10. Knows the importance of traceability for consumers and wild mushroom users and commits to these principles in the declaration of harvest territory.