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Shaggy Parasol
Lepiota rachodes
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The Shaggy Parasol and Parasol Mushrooms share general features that serve to distinguish them from the toxic or deadly Amanita. The Shaggy Parasol differs from the Parasol Mushroom in the following: the scales on its cap, which are larger and lacking a concentric pattern; its proportions, which are short and stocky; and its habitat, which is richer in organic animal matter and compost. It often grows in fairy circles.

The flesh tends to become orange-white or reddish-white when broken, which is easily observed by slicing the stem. Some people are allergic to this mushroom; use moderation when trying it for the first time, as one should with any new mushroom.

The Shaggy Parasol is an excellent edible that exudes a pleasant odour. Implanting the mushroom wherever there is an abundance of organic matter allows for the multiplication of troops. If colonies are maintained through the renewal of organic matter each spring and weather conditions are favourable, this Parasol will fructify steadily, year after year.

Photos: François Rousseau.

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