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Fire Burn Morels
Morchella Esculenta
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Fire Burn Morels fructify after a four-month period of growth in thawed, sandy soil, mainly in association with pines. If the fire occurs in the spring, the Morels fructify in autumn, as was the case in the great fire of 1986 east of Vancouver, where fructification occurred in September of the same year.

If the fire occurs later in the summer, fructification will take place the following year, as was the case with the fire of mid-August 1995, east of Lebel sur Quévillon, where Morels produced fruit bodies during the second week of July 1996. The fructification of Fire Burn Morels is abundant the first year, while the second fructification the following year is almost non-existant.

The stem of the Grey Fire Morel 3 consists of two slightly separated walls 4 7 that often extend to the base of the cap. Another type, the Black Fire Morel, does not possess this feature. Often both types are present in the same area at the same time.

Fire Burn Morels are very different from other Morel species that can be picked in the spring; as a result, their behaviour also differs from the Black or Yellow Morels. The fructification date of Fire Burn Morels is determined by the date of the fire that preceded their appearance.

Photos: Philippe Huart, Renaud Longrée.

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