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Coniferous forests
White spruce plantation
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White spruce

Plantations are monospecific stands of usually one or two species. The density of trees mainly depends on natural mortality or the presence or lack of commercial thinning. The ground is normally devoid of regeneration. Some mosses and shorter plants develop here.

White spruce plantations can be very rich in mushrooms of commercial value, the main species of which are illustrated here. In plantations that are more than 30 years old, one can also find species typical of forests dominated by white spruce.

You will find
Agarics spp.
Psalliota campestris; Psalliota arvensis; Psalliota silvaticus.
Cantharellus cibarius
Common Puffball
Lycoperdon perlatum
King Bolete
Boletus edulis
Large-stemmed armillaria
Cathatelasma ventricosa
Parasol Mushroom
Lepiota procera
Rough-stemmed Bolete
Boletus spp.