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Transitional forests (conifers and broadleaf species)
Forest dominated by white spruce
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Tree species present in this habitat
White spruce
Red maple
Red spruce
Balsam fir

White spruce in these stands are usually accompanied by balsam fir, red spruce and red maple. Some white spruce stands develop from uncultivated agricultural lands, but these are less common.

In these well-drained stands, there are a large number of commercially viable fungi species. In addition to the species listed for plantations, several species begin to produce fruit bodies when the stand reaches the age of 30 years.

You will find
Cantharellus cibarius
King Bolete
Boletus edulis
Large-stemmed armillaria
Cathatelasma ventricosa
Parasol Mushroom
Lepiota procera
Spreading Hydnum
Hydnum repandum, Dentinum repandum