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Transitional forests (conifers and broadleaf species)
Forest dominated by coniferous trees
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Tree species present in this habitat
Balsam fir
White pine
White spruce
Eastern white cedar
Eastern hemlock
Trembling aspen
Red maple
White birch
Yellow birch

This habitat consists of coniferous species without a specific dominant species. Associated hardwoods are usually red maple, white and yellow birch, and aspen poplar.

This habitat rich in forest species is home to a wide variety of mushrooms and harvests can be as plentiful as they are diverse throughout the season. These stands are an important part of the transitional forest territory.

You will find
Cantharellus cibarius
Club Foot
Clitocybe clavipes
Club-Shaped Chanterelle
Gomphus clavatus, Cantharellus clavatus
Rozites caperatus
Lobster Mushroom
Hypomyces lactifluorum
Wooly Chanterelle
Gomphus floccopus, Cantharellus floccopus