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Several projects are underway among private forest owners in the region. These crops under forest cover are in place to develop the interest of the general public towards this delicious resource as well as to guide the selection of a commercial production model. While this production is intended for the purpose of gastronomy, it will also serve processing and packaging plants.

In support of the harvest of wild mushrooms in the region’s forests, mushrooms cultivated under forest cover will diversify the range of products offered and consolidate supplies.

Mauricie’s wild mushroom partnership has just come to associate with the publication of the book "Culture des champignons sous couvert forestier" witch you can get at our online shop.

You will find
Black Morel
Morchella conica
Lepista nuda
Parasol Mushroom
Lepiota procera
Shaggy Parasol
Lepiota rachodes
Yellow Morel
Morchella esculenta