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Habitats - Mauricie's edible mushrooms

The purpose of this book is to bring a kind of practical and unique approach to studying the ecology of edible mushrooms in the Mauricie. Beginners, teachers, mycologists and outfitter guides, as well as forest owners, managers and developers will all discover useful information concerning sustainable development of this important resource within our forest heritage. The book is also produced with instructors in mind, for use as a manual and reference for teaching. Our wild mushrooms are just waiting to be discovered, picked and tasted.

Fernand Miron, biologist

Bringing together the many players in the diverse spheres of forestry, cuisine, tourism, education and processing, the Mauricie’s Wild Mushroom Partnership is a proud partner in the publication of this guide to edible wild mushrooms. In this unique approach, the work is connected to enriched information on the companion website, Wild Mushrooms of the Mauricie. By employing a smartphone or tablet and scanning a bar code, the reader enters a dynamic, interactive universe that describes species, habitats, recipes and all kinds of activities related to the wild mushrooms of the Mauricie. You are invited in to discover the many opportunities to fill up on knowledge, experiences and wonder!

Patrick Lupien ing f.
Coordinator, Mauricie’s Wild Mushroom Partnership

Author : Fernand Miron, biologiste/biologist
Translator : Sylvain Dupont, Traductions Dupont
Realization, marketing and distribution : Mauricie’s Wild Mushroom Partnership / Syndicat des producteurs de bois de la Mauricie
Format : 8 x 10,5 ; 252  pages colour
Illustrations : 411 colour photographs
Publication : June 2015
ISBN 978-2-9808585-3-6

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