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Yellow Morel
Morchella esculenta
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The Yellow Morel is characterized by its light brown (yellow) 2 7 colour, larger size compared to other Morels, and the fact that it fructifies later in the season at the end of May and the beginning of June. It is mainly harvested in the deciduous and transitional forest climatic zones at the edge of the woods 1. It develops in warmer climates than the Black Morel, which grows as far north as the treeline. Some specimens may reach a height of 30 cm.

In the first photo, Yellow Morel fruit bodies form a perfect circle around sumac plants. In the following two photos, note the significant differences in colour associated with Morels from different mycelia 2 3.

The interior of the Morel is hollow 3 5, with a cavity that extends into the stem. The flesh of the stem is continuous with the flesh of the base of the cap 6; this is the feature that distinguishes a Morel from a Verpa, which balances its cap on its stem in a fragile connection.

Morels are frequently found in Quebec, but rarely in sufficient quantities to market them. More than 95% of the Morels sold in Quebec are imported. In the last photo, a somewhat exceptional harvest is shown.

Photos: Fernand Miron, Luc Godin.

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