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Champignons sauvages du Québec, comestibles et thérapeutiques, à potentiel commercial / ONLY FRENCH

The book « Champignons sauvages du Québec » is the first comprehensive piece of litrature from the provincial Association for the marketing of non-timber forest products (ACPFNL). It serves as a guide for the entire provincial chain from gatherers to consumers, from processors to restaurants.

« Champignons sauvages du Québec » is a collective work intended for all those who wish to pick wild mushrooms. It is the fruit of collaboration between packaging workshops that purchase, process and market mushrooms and other non-timber forest products in the various regions of Quebec.

The book will appeal to everyone from individuals interested in picking for their own consumption or for commercial harvest, to woodlot owners who wish to put this resource to good use. (I like this option better) It is intended as a guide on best practices to ensure quality, safety and traceability of mushrooms from the forest to the consumer’s plate. Sixty species are, featuring the most abundant fungi in Quebec and among the best in the world.

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